4 thoughts on “Gangjeong Peace Activists Currently in Jail”

  1. It is a sad day when innocent people are incarcerated for expressing their wishes to the state. It makes one wonder: where will the injustice end?

  2. It is a sad comment on the world of today that these extraordinarily fine people are incarcerated for peacefully protesting against the destruction of a beautiful and courageous village, a destruction which is the result of a combination of ill-designed geopolitics and short-term greed of construction and armaments’ interests.
    May they be recognised as Nobel Peace Prize candidates!

  3. My heart breaks that these wonderful brave people are having to spend even one day in jail just for protesting the destruction of their Island and way of life. Human Rights. And the fact that once again it is the US Corporate/Military Machine causing this saddens me. There are many amazing Americans that are fighting very hard to find a way to rid our government of them, but the money is mighty and the inhumanity great. We hold you all in our hearts and we put out info widely of what you are going through. We count the days with you. Sending strength and love!

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