Ghosts of Jeju Premieres in Sweden

Bruce Gagnon, my friend and coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, screened the film for his international board meeting in Sweden this evening (6/29/13). Here are his remarks:

“It was a smashing hit….people were crying and they were clapping at the end…..I handed out the DVD’s strategically to key leaders in various Swedish cities, and from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Japan and Mexico…..people passed the hat to send money to the village but I insisted they keep the money towards sending a representative from Sweden to the village ASAP……they loved the music, the story, and the resistance…..many people sent congrats to you….it’s was a European opening night showing……5 stars”

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One thought on “Ghosts of Jeju Premieres in Sweden”

  1. Splendid, hooray for all who give witness to this most impacting work. Regis and The Global Network are leaders in an otherwise unsympathetic America. May you and all who view this compelling work join together as our Negro slaves did from that olde spiritual song let us “…Lift our voices let ev’ry voice be heard…”

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