Official Selection – Peace on Earth Film Festival!

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The Ghosts of Jeju is an “official selection” of the Peace on Earth Film Festival! I am completely overcome….the only festival out of 20 that I applied for that has accepted my film. The Ghosts of Jeju was accepted at the Berkeley Film Festival after a friend in Berkeley recommended it to them.

SIXTH Annual Peace On Earth Film Festival, scheduled for the long weekend of Thursday March 6 РSunday, March 9, at the Chicago Cultural  Center.

Follow the link above to visit the official webpage.

Thanks to all of you who supported me in the making of the film including everyone who purchased a copy and everyone who attended a public screening.








6 thoughts on “Official Selection – Peace on Earth Film Festival!”

  1. Congratulations. I liked your film very much. Today I saw a screening of
    “Shadows of Liberty” which I thougth5 was also very good. Would you be related to the its director, Jean-Philippe Tremblay?

    1. Hello Martin….thank you, and no Jean-Philippe is not directly related, but ALL of the Tremblays are all descended from one Tremblay who came to Canada from France.

  2. Congratulations, Regis!
    This story needs to be told. We were honored to have you come to Pittsfield. Now on to Chicago and Berkeley.
    We’ll done!!!

    Dick Noble

  3. Excellent film. It prompted a first class article from a reporter covering it for a local newspaper when we gave it a public showing.

  4. Dear Regis,
    I was, as you see, present at your showing of the film at the Catholic Worker, in New York, on Friday night. Your film is a very important document of a(nother) ghastly situation; and because it needs to get around, having it featured at the film festival is great news. By the way, I was at first disturbed by the fellow in a white shirt taking pictures of us in the audience, because in at least one meeting I’ve been to, some kind of spy (like McCarthy-times) was remarked — by Jane, from the front(!). But this fellow said he was working for you.
    I bought the DVD and would like to send it a friend abroad (I don’t even have a player), but I would also like to send another copy to somebody else. Please tell me, then, where to write; also, would $20 in that case include postage?

    1. Hello Joseph,

      Thank you for your message. You can order the film, but depending on which country your friend is living in will determine which “format.” There are basically two and I’d need to know the country. If I mail it to you, it is $20 plus shipping….you can order right from thi website. If you prefer to send a check you can do that also….$20 plus $3 shipping….Send it to 209 River Rd, Woolwich, Maine 04579

      That fellow taking picture is a personal friend and former photo student of mine when he was in high school!


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