The Axis of Evil: Congress, Corporations, Wall St Bankers

In the latest edition of our Occupy Maine TV Show I commented on Occupy Maine after the end of the encampment which came on February 10th, 2011. Many angry, hateful and anonymous cowards called Occupiers a variety of disparaging names. For them, the eviction of the encampment in Lincoln Park will be a victory.

But, they are in for a surprise. Occupy was never about encampments. Rather it is a new and radically different form of protest. Different fromĀ  singles issue group that advocate for causes that range from the environment, social services, health care, and a variety of groups wanting to end the wars.

I refer to the illicit union between Congress, Corporations, and Wall St. Bankers – bound together by big money as the Axis of Evil. By that I mean it is the root cause of all of our social, environmental, educational, and societal problems. We, The People, are no longer represented by our government and our rights and freedoms have been taken away and stolen for decades.

This segment of the show graphically demonstrates the disparity of wealth between the 1% and the 99%, and how the very rich and corporations are not and have not been paying their fair share for fifty years….thanks to Congress.

Here’s that segment:

2 thoughts on “The Axis of Evil: Congress, Corporations, Wall St Bankers”

  1. Whine, whine, whine. Everyone complains about “evil corporations” exporting jobs to China while they buy Chinese made crap at Walmart because it’s cheap. If you truly want jobs to remain in the USA, STOP BUYING CHINESE JUNK. You make the choice. It’s YOU who force the “evil corporations” to export jobs to China. Short economic lesson – corporations are in business to make MONEY; if they don’t make money they DIE! Realize also, that these corporations are the basis for your 401K.

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